The Pinburgh Match-Play Championship has grown to become the largest competitive pinball tournament in the world. The tournament features over 300 pinball machines, 800 players battling the silverball, and has grown so large it can no longer be held at the traditional PAPA Headquarters site. To accommodate the incredible growth, Pinburgh is now held at the ReplayFX Arcade & Video Game Festival in downtown Pittsburgh. For more information, click here!

The match-play format offers a social experience as players from all over the world compare skills during a series of multiplayer matches spanning the first two days. Forty qualifiers are invited to compete in the final rounds on Sunday, while all other players are encouraged to take part in a consolation tournament held in parallel with the final rounds.

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[tabby title=”Previous Champions”]

TournamentDate Winner
*Pinburgh 2017201707/29/17
Pinburgh 2016 – Division A201607/30/16Keith Elwin
Pinburgh 2015 - Division A201508/02/16Zach Sharpe
Pinburgh 2015 - Division B201508/02/16Derek Fugate
Pinburgh 2015 - Division C201508/02/16Brent Stoddard
Pinburgh 2015 - Division D201508/02/16Steve Machado
Pinburgh 2014 - Division A201403/30/16Jim Belsito
Pinburgh 2014 - Division B201403/30/16Joe Said
Pinburgh 2014 - Division C201403/30/16Mark Pearson
Pinburgh 2014 - Division D201403/30/16Scott Wilson
Pinburgh 2013 - Division A201304/14/16Keith Elwin
Pinburgh 2013 - Division B201304/11/16Mateo Leyba
Pinburgh 2013 - Division C201304/11/16Chase Nunes
Pinburgh 2013 - Division D201304/11/16Jason Brand
Pinburgh 2012 - Division A201204/01/16Adam Becker
Pinburgh 2012 - Division B201204/01/16Johnny Modica
Pinburgh 2012 - Division C201204/01/16Jan Anders Nilsson
Pinburgh 2011 - Division A201103/20/16Keith Elwin
Pinburgh 2011 - Division B201103/20/16Brian Shepherd
Pinburgh 2011 - Division C201103/20/16Ron Hallett Jr.