While the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association was dormant between PAPA 6 (1998) and PAPA 7 (2004), a new tournament was launched in Pittsburgh by a small group of league players. There was an initial effort in 1999, but the tournaments in 2000-2003 were organized by Kevin Martin, who eventually took over PAPA’s operations. In 2000, Pinburgh used an assortment of machines from local sources, but starting in 2001, Kevin began building his personal collection for use at the tournaments.

The Pinburgh tournaments established the style of qualifying that is used in the PAPA World Championships to this day, with scores ranked on each machine, as opposed to being added linearly (as at PAPA 6 and earlier). This required some moderately complex software, which was written in Perl, and quite a lot of data entry.

The historical Web sites for each of these tournaments (except 1999) can still be found at the following URLs.