Pinburgh 2019

August 1-4

Pinburgh is the largest pinball tournament in history, featuring more than 300 pinball machines and 1000 players battling the silverball over three days.

Pinburgh’s match-play format offers a social experience as players from all over the world compare skills during a series of multiplayer matches spanning the first two days. On Thursday, each player will compete in five rounds, each consisting of four, four-player matches to determine the appropriate skill division for all players. Divisions will be marked as A / B / C / D / E, with Division A being the most skilled. On Friday, players will compete against other players solely within their own skill division in order to determine seeding for the final rounds. On Saturday, the top 40 in each division will compete in separate divisional finals.

How to Qualify:

Pinburgh offers a guaranteed two full days of competitive pinball for every participant, regardless of skill level.  Players will spend the first day challenging each other in a series of four-player groups (occasionally three-player). For each session, players will be seeded based on performance up to that point.

On the second day, players will be assigned to the A, B, C, D, or E Division and will compete in another series of four-player groups that will determine whether they qualify for the final rounds. Please note that some players will have pre-existing restrictions which may force them into a specific division regardless of how well they have performed on the first day.

Divisions of Play & Restrictions:

The following restrictions are designed to discourage any Player from intentionally competing beneath his or her level of skill.

Division A Restrictions: Top 100 IFPA WPPR Ranking
Division B Restrictions: Top 200 IFPA WPPR Ranking
Division C Restrictions: Top 400 IFPA WPPR Ranking
Division D Restrictions: Top 1000 IFPA WPPR Ranking
Division E Restrictions: None

*Any player who qualifies for playoffs in any division will be restricted to that division or higher in the next Pinburgh they attend.

Tournament officials reserve the right to modify these restrictions as they deem necessary. Only a player’s highest restriction will apply. In all cases, players will be informed before or during play on Day 1 of any skill division restriction that applies to them, and a list of these restrictions will be made available to all players. Note that, for example, a player with a Division B restriction may still qualify in Division A as a result of strong play on Day 1.

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