State of PAPA Update – April 2014

  —  April 14, 2014

As the Replay Foundation team (those guys who run PAPA events and projects) wind down from a three week rush between Pinburgh, MPE, and PAX East, we figured our viewers deserve an update on all (well, most) of the projects currently ongoing down at headquarters. Gameplay Videos: Some of you may have already noticed our […]   Read More »

South Coast Slam

  —  April 7, 2014

April 19,20 – Worthing, England £12 day entry, over 110 pins and 40+ cabs all on free play. Raffle prizes include an IJ pin and an IJ cab, and there’s a bar. Kids entry is free and all proceeds to charity. TV’s Will Barber is the organiser along with Ivan GrizZ Durneen, Dom ‘Rav’ Escott and […]   Read More »